AP7012                                               NANO ELECTRONICS                                L  TP C                                                                                                                                3  00 3


  • To learn and understand basic concepts of Nano electronics.
  • To know the techniques of fabrication and measurement.
  • To gain knowledge about Nanostructure devices and logic devices.

UNIT I              INTRODUCTION TO NANOELECTRONICS                                            9

Microelectronics towards biomolecule electronics-Particles and waves- Wave-particle duality-  Wave mechanics- Schrödinger wave equation- Wave mechanics of particles: – Atoms and atomic orbitals- Materials for nanoelectronics- Semiconductors- Crystal lattices: Bonding in crystals- Electron energy bands- Semiconductor heterostructures- Lattice-matched and pseudomorphic heterostructures- Inorganic-organic heterostructures- Carbon nanomaterials: nanotubes and fullerenes

UNIT II             FABRICATION AND MEASUREMENT TECHNIQUES                             9

Growth, fabrication, and measurement techniques for nanostructures- Bulk crystal and heterostructure growth-   Nanolithography,   etching,   and   other   means   for   fabrication   of   nanostructures   and nanodevices- Techniques for characterization of nanostructures- Spontaneous formation and ordering of nanostructures- Clusters and nanocrystals- Methods of nanotube growth- Chemical and biological methods for nanoscale fabrication- Fabrication of nano-electromechanical systems

UNIT III         PROPERTIES                                                                                            9

Dielectrics-Ferroelectrics-Electronic  Properties  and  Quantum  Effects-Magnetoelectronics  – Magnetism and Magnetotransport in Layered Structures-Organic Molecules – Electronic Structures, Properties, and Reactions-Neurons – The Molecular Basis of their Electrical Excitability-Circuit and System Design- Analysis by Diffraction and Fluorescence Methods-Scanning Probe Techniques

UNIT IV        NANO STRUCTURE DEVICES                                                                    9

Electron transport in semiconductors and nanostructures- Time and length scales of the electrons in solids- Statistics of the electrons in solids and nanostructures- Density of states of electrons in nanostructures- Electron transport in nanostructures-Electrons in traditional low-dimensional structures- Electrons in quantum wells- Electrons in quantum wires- Electrons in quantum dots- Nanostructure devices- Resonant-tunneling diodes- Field-effect transistors- Single-electron-transfer devices- Potential-effect transistors- Light-emitting diodes and lasers- Nano-electromechanical system devices- Quantum-dot cellular automata

UNIT V         LOGIC DEVICES AND APPLICATIONS                                                      9

Logic Devices-Silicon MOSFETs-Ferroelectric Field Effect Transistors-Quantum Transport Devices Based on Resonant Tunneling-Single-Electron Devices for Logic Applications-Superconductor Digital Electronics-Quantum  Computing  Using  Superconductors-Carbon Nanotubes for Data  Processing- Molecular Electronics

                                                                                                          TOTAL: 45PERIODS


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