CY6251 Engineering Chemistry-II Model Question Paper

Anna University Question Paper Nov/Dec 2016

CY6251 Engineering Chemistry-II Model Question Paper

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CY6251 Engineering Chemistry-II Model Question Paper

SUBJECT CODE/NAME: CY6251/Engineering Chemistry-II                                 Date:

Time: 3 Hrs                                                                            Maximum: 100 Marks


Part A (10×2=20 Marks)


  1. What is calgon conditioning? How is it functioning in water treatment?
  2. What is meant by priming and mention its causes.
  3. State Pilling-bedworth rule and give its importance?
  4. What is electrochemical series? Mention any two significances.
  5. What is meant by solar energy conversion? How is it done?
  6. Write the discharging reactions in Lithium-ion battery.
  7. What is hydrophobic cement?
  8. Give the composition, properties and uses of borosilicate glass.
  9. What is the cause of knocking in internal combustion engines? Name a commonly used antiknock
  10. What is CNG? Give its composition.

Part – B (5 x 16 = 80 Marks)

  1. a) i)          Explain the following boiler troubles suggesting the remedial methods.                          (8)
  2. a) Sludge and scale formation   b) Castic embrittlement.
  3. ii)         Describe the principle and procedure involved in the zeolite process for water                                                                                                                                                                                   (8)


  1. b) i)          Define the term desalination with a neat diagram and describe desalination by reverse                                          osmosis method.                                                                                                                (8)
  2. ii) Give an account of internal treatment of boiler water.                                                      (8)
  1. a)         i)          Derive Nernst equation and mention its applications .                                                      (8)
  1. ii) Write a brief note on

(a)        Cathodic protection by sacrifical anode                                                                (4)

(b)        Differentil aeration corrosion                                                                                (4)


  1. b) i)          When does the electro chemical corrosion occur? Describe the mechanism of electro                                           chemical corrosion.                                                                                                           (8)
  2. ii) What is electroless plating?  Write a short note on electroless Nickel plating and discuss                                                 its applications.                                                                                                                 (8)
  1. a)         i)          Explain with a neat diagram the parts and functions of a nuclear reactor.                       (8)
  1. ii) Explain the construction and working of a Lead-Storage battery.                                    (8)


  1. b) i)          Write notes on Lithium battery.                                                                                        (8)
  2. ii) Explain the working of Hydrogen-Oxygen fuel cell.                                                       (8)
  1. a)         i)          How are Silicon Carbide bricks prepared? Give its important properties and uses.         (8)
  1. ii) Explain the properties of refractories.                                                                               (8)


  1. b) i)          Explain the chemistry involved in the setting and hardening of cement.                         (8)
  2. ii) Explain the process of manufacture of glass.                                                                    (8)
  1. a)         i)          What is synthetic petrol? How is it manufactured by Bergius process?                           (8)
  1. ii) With a neat diagram explain the analysis of flue gas by Orsat’s apparatus and mention the                                     precautions to be followed during the analysis.                                                                (8)


  1. b) i)          Describe the Otto-Hoffmann method of coke manufacture and the recovery of various by-                                                                                                                                                                       (8)
  2. ii) A sample of coal was found to contain the following (C=81% , H=4% , O=2%,                                                     N=10%,S=2% ) and remaining being ash. Estimate the quantity of minimum air required                                               for the complete combustion of 3m3 of the sample.                                                          (8)



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