HS8251                                           TECHNICAL ENGLISH                       L     T    P     C                                                                                                                   4     0    0    4



The Course prepares second semester engineering and Technology students to:

  • Develop strategies and skills to enhance their ability to read and comprehend engineering and technology texts.
  • Foster their ability to write convincing job applications and effective reports.
  • Develop their speaking skills to make technical presentations, participate in group discussions.
  • Strengthen their listening skill which will help them comprehend lectures and talks in their areas of specialization.


 UNIT I                 INTRODUCTION TECHNICAL ENGLISH                                                              12

Listening– Listening to talks mostly of a scientific/technical nature and completing information-gap exercises- Speaking –Asking for and giving directions- Reading – reading short technical texts from journals- newsapapers-   Writing– purpose statements – extended definitions – issue- writing instructions – checklists-recommendations-Vocabulary Development– technical vocabulary Language Development –subject verb agreement – compound words.



UNIT II                READING AND STUDY SKILLS                                                                             12

Listening– Listening to longer technical talks and completing exercises based on them-Speaking – describing a process-Reading – reading longer technical texts- identifying the various transitions in a text- paragraphing- Writing– interpreting cgarts, graphs- Vocabulary Development-vocabulary used in formal letters/emails and reports  Language Development- impersonal passive voice, numerical adjectives.



UNIT III                TECHNICAL WRITING AND GRAMMAR                                                               12


Listening– Listening to classroom lectures/ talkls on engineering/technology –Speaking – introduction to technical presentations-    Reading – longer texts both general and technical, practice in speed reading;  Writing-Describing  a  process,  use  of  sequence  words-  Vocabulary  Development- sequence words- Misspelled words. Language Development- embedded sentences


UNIT IV                REPORT WRITING                                                                                                12

Listening– Listening to documentaries and making notes. Speaking – mechanics of presentations- Reading –   reading for detailed comprehension- Writing– email etiquette- job application – cover letter –Résumé preparation( via email and hard copy)-  analytical essays and issue based essays– Vocabulary Development– finding suitable synonyms-paraphrasing-. Language Development- clauses- if conditionals.



UNIT V                GROUP DISCUSSION AND JOB APPLICATIONS                                               12

Listening– TED/Ink talks; Speaking –participating in a group discussion –Reading– reading and understanding technical articles Writing– Writing reports- minutes of a meeting- accident and survey- Vocabulary Development- verbal analogies Language Development- reported speech.





At the end of the course learners will be able to:

  • Read technical texts and write area- specific texts effortlessly.



  • Listen and comprehend lectures and talks in their area of specialisation successfully.
  • Speak appropriately and effectively in varied formal and informal contexts.
  • Write reports and winning job applications.





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Students can be asked to read Tagore, Chetan Bhagat and for supplementary reading.


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