Question Paper Nov/Dec 2017


Anna University Question Paper Nov/Dec 2017

Question Paper Nov/Dec 2017

This page of   website gave you the collection of Anna university Question paper Nov/Dec 2017 for both BE & ME branches such as Automobile, Civil, CSE, ECE, EEE,IT,Mech And PG Branches Applied Electronics, Communication System, Computer Science, Manufacturing, Power Electronics And Drives, Structural Engineering

Students who are searching the questions here we have arranged the question paper in alphabetical order of subject code first ug subjects next pg subjects if u did not find the questions please use the search button to find old and missing questions which did not listed below It helps you to know the range of questions asked in semester exam.



Question Paper Nov/Dec 2017

AT6007 New Generation And Hybrid VehiclesClick Here  
AT6012 Engine Auxiliary SystemsClick Here  
AT6301 Automotive EnginesClick Here  
AT6501 Automotive TransmissionClick Here  
AT6502 Automotive Electrical And Electronics SystemsClick Here  
AT6503 Vehicle Design Data Characteristics Click Here 
AT6504 Automotive Fuels And LubricantsClick Here  
AT6601 Automotive Engine Components DesignClick Here  
AT6602 Automotive Chassis Components Designupdated soon 
AT6604 Vehicle DynamicsClick Here 
AT6701 Engine And Vehicle Management SystemClick Here  
AT6702 Vehicle MaintenanceClick Here  
CE6002 Concrete Technology Click Here 
CE6003 Remote Sensing Techniques And GIS Click Here 
CE6008 Ground Water EngineeringClick Here  
CE6016 Prefabricated StructuresClick Here  
CE6021 Repair And Rehabilitation Of StructuresClick Here  
CE6023 Industrial Waste ManagementClick Here  
CE6301 Engineering GeologyClick Here  
CE6304 Surveying -1Click Here  
CE6401 Construction MaterialsClick Here  
CE6402 Strength Of Materials Click Here 
CE6403 Applied Hydraulic EngineeringClick Here  
 CE6404 Surveying-IIClick Here 
CE6405 Soil MechanicsClick Here  
CE6451 Fluid Mechanics And MachineryClick Here  
CE6501 Structural Analysis-IClick Here  
CE6502 Foundation EngineeringClick Here  
CE6504 Highway EngineeringClick Here  
CE6505 Design of Reinforced Concrete ElementsClick Here  
CE6506 Construction Techniques, Equipment And PracticeClick Here  
CE6601 Design Of Reinforced Concrete And Brick Masonry StructuresClick Here 
CE6602 Structural Analysis-IIClick Here 
CE6603 Design Of Steel StructuresClick Here 
CE6604 Railways, Airports And Harbour EngineeringClick Here 
CE6605 Environmental Engineering-IIClick Here 
CE6701 Structural Dynamics And Earthquake EngineeringClick Here 
CE6702 Prestressed Concrete StructuresClick Here 
CE6703 Water Resources And Irrigation EngineeringClick Here 
 CS6001 C# AND .NET ProgrammingClick Here 
 CS6004 Cyber ForensicsClick Here 
 CS6007 Information RetrievalClick Here 
 CS6201 Digital Principles And System DesignClick Here 
 CS6301 Programming And Data Structures-IIClick Here 
 CS6302 Database Management SystemClick Here 
 CS6304 Analog And Digital CommunicationClick Here 
 CS6401 Operating SystemsClick Here 
 CS6402 Design And Analysis Of Algorithmsupdated soon  
 CS6456 Object Oriented ProgrammingClick Here 
 CS6501 Internet ProgrammingClick Here 
 CS6503 Theory Of ComputationClick Here 
 CS6504 Computer GraphicsClick Here 
 CS6551 Computer NetworksClick Here 
 CS6601 Distributed SystemsClick Here 
 CS6659 Artificial IntelligenceClick Here 
 CS6701 Cryptography And Network SecurityClick Here 
 CS6702 Graph Theory And ApplicationsClick Here 
 CS6703 Grid And Cloud ComputingClick Here 
 CS6704 Resource Management TechniquesClick Here 
 CS6801 Multi-Core Architectures And ProgrammingClick Here 
 EC6001 Medical ElectronicsClick Here 
 EC6009 Advanced Computer ArchitectureClick Here 
 EC6016 Opto Electronic DevicesClick Here 
 EC6201 Electronic Devicesupdated soon
 EC6202 Electronic Devices And Circuits Click Here 
 EC6301 Object Oriented Programming And Data StructuresClick Here 
 EC6303 Signals And SystemsClick Here 
 EC6304 Electronics Circuits-IClick Here 
 EC6401Electronic Circuits-IIClick Here 
 EC6402 Communication TheoryClick Here 
 EC6403 Electromagnetic FieldsClick Here 
 EC6404 Linear Integrated CircuitsClick Here 
 EC6464 Electronics And MicroprocessorClick Here 
 EC6501 Digital CommunicationClick Here 
 EC6502 Principles Of Digital Signal ProcessingClick Here 
 EC6503 Transmission Lines And Wave GuidesClick Here 
 EC6504 Microprocessor And MicrocontrollerClick Here 
 EC6601 VLSI DESIGNClick Here 
 EC6602 Antenna And Wave PropagationClick Here 
 EC6701 RF And Microwave EngineeringClick Here 
 EC6702 Optical Communication And Networksupdated soon
 EC6703 Embedded And Real Time SystemsClick Here 
 EC6801 Wireless CommunicationClick Here 
 EE6002 Power System TransientsClick Here 
 EE6005 Power QualityClick Here 
 EE6008 Microcontroller Based System DesignClick Here 
 EE6010 High Voltage Direct Current TransmissionClick Here 
 EE6303 Linear Integrated Circuits And ApplicationsClick Here 
 EE6352 Electrical Engineering And InstrumentationClick Here 
 EE6401 Electrical Machines-1Click Here 
 EE6402 Transmission And DistributionClick Here 
 EE6404 Measurements And InstrumentationClick Here 
 EE6502 Microprocessors And MicrocontrollersClick Here 
 EE6503 Power ElectronicsClick Here 
 EE6504 Electrical Machines-IIClick Here 
 EE6601 Solid State DrivesClick Here 
 EE6602 Embedded SystemsClick Here 
 EE6603 Power System Operation And ControlClick Here 
 EE6604 Design Of Electrical MachinesClick Here 
 EE6701 High Voltage EngineeringClick Here 
 EE6702 Protection And Switch GearClick Here 
 EE6703 Special Electrical MachinesClick Here 
 GE6151 Computer ProgrammingClick Here 
 GE6251 Basic Civil And Mechanical EngineeringClick Here 
 GE6253 Engineering MechanicsClick Here 
 GE6351 Environmental Science And EngineeringClick Here 
 HS6251 Technical English-IIupdated soon 
 IC6501 Control SystemsClick Here 
 IE6605 Production Planning And ControlClick Here 
 IT6005 Digital Image ProcessingClick Here 
 IT6011 Knowledge ManagementClick Here 
 IT6501 Graphics And MultimediaClick Here 
 IT6502 Digital Signal Processing Click Here 
IT6503 Web ProgrammingClick Here 
 IT6601 Mobile ComputingClick Here 
 IT6602 Software ArchitecturesClick Here 
 IT6701 Information ManagementClick Here 
 IT6801 Service Oriented ArchitectureClick Here 
 MA6151 Mathematics-1updated soon 
 MA6451 Probability And Random Processesupdated soon  
MA6452 Statistics And Numerical Methodsupdated soon 
 MA6453 Probability And Queueing Theoryupdated soon 
 MA6459 Numerical Methodsupdated soon 
 MA6566 Discrete Mathematicsupdated soon 
 ME6004 Unconventional Machining Processesupdated soon 
 ME6005 Process Planning And Cost Estimationupdated soon 
 ME6012 Maintenance Engineering updated soon 
ME6019 Non Destructive Testing And Materialsupdated soon 
 ME6301 Engineering Thermodynamicsupdated soon 
 ME6302 Manufacturing Technology-1updated soon 
 ME6352 Manufacturing Technologyupdated soon 
 ME6401 Kinematics Of Machineryupdated soon 
 ME6402 Manufacturing Technology-IIupdated soon 
 ME6403 Engineering Materials And Metallurgyupdated soon  
ME6404 Thermal Engineeringupdated soon 
 ME6501 Computer Aided Designupdated soon 
 ME6502 Heat And Mass Transferupdated soon 
 ME6503 Design Of Machine Elementsupdated soon 
 ME6504 Metrology And Measurementsupdated soon 
 ME6505 Dynamics Of Machinesupdated soon 
 ME6603 Finite Element Analysis updated soon 
ME6701 Power Plant Engineeringupdated soon 
 ME6702 Mechatronicsupdated soon 
 MG6863 Engineering Economicsupdated soon 
 HS6251 Technical English-II
 HS6251 Technical English-II
 HS6251 Technical English-II
 HS6251 Technical English-II
 HS6251 Technical English-II
 HS6251 Technical English-II
 HS6251 Technical English-II




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